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Frequently asked questions


Where do you provide your services?

Helping Little Hands provides services to families in the NICU at King Edward Memorial Hospital and Perth Children's Hospital. Helping Little Hands also provides services in the Royal Darwin Hospital.


Which services am I eligible for?

Some of our services are available to all families in the NICU such as Nutritious Nibbles and wellbeing events. We work closely with the social work teams to determine which families need support through our other services. 


While we would love to be able to provide the Dinner's Ready program to every family in the NICU, we can only support approximately 15 families at a time. This service is targeted at long-stay families (particularly those with other children), those who are isolated from extended family, or are under financial hardship.


If you need more support, please speak to your social worker.


Can families receive help online?

Please use the contact us form or our details to get in touch. Our social media accounts are updated regularly and are great sources of information.


Who forms our knowledge base?

Helping Little Hands was not founded by medical professionals. We may not be able to provide medical care, we can provide support to NICU families to make their journeys less stressful. We don't provide any medical information on our website and encourage anyone who has medical or care concerns to get into contact with their health professional.


What is the FIcare model?

The family integrated care encourages greater parent involvement in the care of their infant. Family integrated care is an extension of the principles of family-centred care.


In this model of care, the parents provide care, even in the NICU, where they were previously relegated to a supportive role. The aim of FIcare is to promote parent-infant interactions and to develop parent confidence, through facilitating collaboration between the parents and the NICU staff. This is extremely important for the physical, psychological and emotional health of the parents and the infant.


How do you recognise Aboriginal culture?

Helping Little Hands recognises the original custodians of the land the Whadjuk people of the Nyoongar nation, and their Elders past, present and emerging.

With the help of Aboriginal Liaison Officers we have ensured that our website and services are culturally appropriate. Furthermore, we acknowledge the six Nyoongar seasons and their significance in Aboriginal culture.

  • Birak (December-January)

  • Bunuru (February- March)

  • Djeran (April-May)

  • Makuru (June-July)

  • Dijiba (August-September)

  • Kambarang (October-November)

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