get involved

volunteer cooks

Love to cook? helping little hands is looking for cooks to join its dinner's ready program.

Just throw in a few extra portions to your own home cooked dinner twice a week, freeze and deliver them to helping little hands.

Home cooked meals and a show of support make the world of difference to our NICU families​.

pantry goods donations

Can't cook? No problem! 

Help keep our mums and dads healthy and energised by donating non-perishables such as cereal bars, biscuits, porridge pots, tuna tins or soup sachets.

financial donations

A long NICU journey puts a lot of our mums and dads under financial stress.

Help us provide some of life's basic needs to our families through a much needed financial donation. 


home volunteers

helping little hands is looking for electricians, plumbers, gardeners, cleaners and other domestic service providers to support our NICU families keep their houses running and maximise their time with their bubs.

If you can help in any way, please contact us today!


Would you like to run a marathon to raise funds for helping little hands, organise an office pantry goods collection, shake a collections tin at a footy match or just spread the word to friends and family that might be interested in helping?