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Mission statement

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Every family who has a premature or sick baby deserves additional care and support to manage the extra stresses they are enduring.

We know families of premature babies face additional challenges. Helping Little Hands will be there to provide you with practical support and try to minimise the emotional and financial stresses that are present with everyday tasks.

We have one clear mission and that is to support and empower families of premature and sick babies!

Our values

Always family centred: The best medicine you can give a premature baby is time with their parents; we strongly support Family Integrated Care model (FIcare).

Community: Having a sense of community is extremely important, especially during challenging times. We aim to build community so families can share the experience of having a premature baby.

Empowerment: By providing services that relieve the stress of crucial, everyday tasks such as cooking and travel costs, we empower families to spend more time with their baby.

Raise awareness: It is extremely important that families of premature babies know what services are available to them and know that, while every journey is different, they are not alone.

Dedicated: Every member of the Helping Little Hands team is dedicated to providing practical support and care for families with premature or sick babies. Co-founded by families who have been through their own NICU journeys, they know how overwhelming and stressful having a premature baby can be. 

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