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To provide a practical support network and advocacy for families of premature babies. Our services support the family integrated care model (where families are partners in the NICU care team) at King Edwards Memorial Hospital, Subiaco.


Eating well during long stays in the NICU is vital for the health and well-being of the babies and our mums and dads. 

helping little hands provides nutritious home cooked meals to those most in need to ensure they have the time and energy to focus on their babies.

dinner's ready program


Long days caring for a baby in the NICU takes a lot of physical and emotional strength.

We provide weekly fruit and snack deliveries for all our mums and dads to help them re-energise and get back to bubs for more cuddle time!

nutritious nibbles


The stress and strains of a NICU journey take a physical toll on our mums and dads -- necks lock, shoulders tighten and backs stiffen.

So our wonderful friends at Life Ready Physio offered to provide drop-in massage sessions for our mums and dads to help them carry the load.



Our NICU mums and dads give everything they've got to look after their loved ones -- babies in the NICU, kids at home, dinners to cook, clothes to wash, house to clean.

So every now and then we like to give them a treat at our well-being events: manicures, hair trims or just a cup of tea and a chat.   

well-being events

Our NICU mums and dads come from far and wide and often the cost and time of travel to King Eddies is a hurdle too high.

So we provide fuel and travel vouchers to try and make the journey just a bit less draining. The more time spent bedside, the better the outcomes for the baby. 

travel support


When bubs is in the NICU, our mums and dads don't have time for mowing the lawn, cleaning for a rent inspection or dealing with a broken water-heater.

helping little hands home support service helps our mums and dads forget about these everyday jobs and focus on their families.

home support
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