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Parent facilities 

Helping Little Hands partnered with DesignFit to refurbish the parent lounge at King Edward Memorial Hospital NICU to upgrade the quality and availability of amenities available to parents.

Designfit Logo 2018.png

We recognise the importance of parental involvement in the care of their premature baby so it's vital that parents have a comfortable and supportive environment that enables them to spend hours in the hospital.


Before its refurbishment this space was a tired and poorly functioning 'lounge' with inadequate kitchen facilities.

When approached with the idea of the parent lounge refurbishment, the Directors of DesignFit and their creative team embraced the project concept. DesignFit worked meticulously; the finished result exceeded all expectations so the space and atmosphere is unrecognisable from its pervious state.


DesignFit exemplify corporate community engagement and Helping Little Hands cannot thank them enough for their ongoing support.

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