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Joanne Beedie named Innaloo Westfield Local Hero

We’re so proud to announce Joanne Beedie is the recipient of a Westfield Local Hero award 2021!

This means a grant of $10,000 for helping little hands, which will allow us to support families with 'baby bundles' of big ticket items like prams, car seats and cots so that babies can get home where they belong, when they are medically ready.

To everyone who voted a HUGE thank you. One of the wonderful aspects of the Westfield Local Hero program is that it's the community who vote for the recipients. It means the world to have this level of support for the work of helping little hands.

Congratulations to all the other local heroes who have done so much to support the community, particularly Shelly Skinner from Lionheart Camp For Kids and Ronald Wingate from Dianella Autumn Club.

It’s been fabulous to have the ongoing support from Westfield Innaloo since our first grant in 2018.


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