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Special events

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Every year Helping Little Hands holds special events that aim to empower and support families. Yearly events that we hold include:

  • World Prematurity Day

  • NAIDOC Week

  • National Reconciliation Week

  • Millie's Craft Project

  • Santa's Visiting

  • Kangaroo Care Day

To find out more please read below!

World Prematurity Day - 17th of November every year


This very special day of the year is dedicated to raising awareness of the challenges and burdens of preterm births that affects families all over the world. On this day everyone is encouraged to engage in activities and events to raise both money and awareness for this cause as every contribution no matter how small makes a difference. The colour of World Prematurity day is purple to represent sensitivity and exceptionality. So get your purple clothes ready to join us this year to make a difference in the lives of families with premature babies. More information on this years events will be released shortly.

To find out more about World Prematurity Day please visit: 

Celebrating NAIDOC Week


The 2021 theme for NAIDOC week is "Heal our country, heal our nation". This theme calls is a strong call to recognise, respect and protect all aspects of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture and heritage. Therefore, this year there is a specific focus on recognising that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander connection to land is inherent to their identity. Healing country refers to understanding that country is a part of Australia's national heritage and embracing and respecting the First Nation's cultural knowledge. However, healing country also means addressing and finally resolving the numerous injustices which have continued to impact Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander individuals for generations.

To find out more about NAIDOC week please visit:

National Reconciliation Week


During this week we commemorate two crucial milestones in Australia's reconciliation history including the successful 1967 referendum and the High court Mabo decision. 

Helping Little Hands has successfully received a grant from the Telethon Kid's Institute, providing the funds to develop our very own Aboriginal Support Program. To find out more click the bottom below!

Kangaroo Care Day- May 15th

kangaroo care.png

It’s a day to recognise there is no better place to be than cuddling your little one. There are so many reasons to give your baby a cuddle but when your baby is in the NICU a cuddle — or kangaroo care — can be life-saving. Gentle touch, especially skin on skin contact, is one of the most important things parents can do for their babies

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